Changing from unique visitors to visits

Today I implemted a change in the tracking.

We are using both a cookie and an identifier based on IP and user agent (if cookies are turned off) to see if a visitor is returning or not.

Before we counted unique visitors and it was based on 24 hours. The cookie and identifier was set once with a 24 hour expiration.  If a visitor did not have a cookie or identifier it was counted as a unique visitor.

Now we are instead counting visits and it is based on 30 minutes but the cookie or identifier are extended 30 minutes with each page view. If a visitor do not have a cookie or identifier it is counted as a visit.

This is the same a Google Analytics are doing and it is the new industry standard. It is important for Redistats to follow the industry standard.

We decided to do this now right away before we get a lot of users to Redistats. So far it is only a handful.

The graph of unique visitors has been renamed to visits and unfortunaly it will now increase slightly. I estimate around 5%.

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23 Aug 2013

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